Top Three Harnesses

Easy Walk Harness

The Easy Walk harness is by far the most common harness I ran into. Mainly because it’s perfect for the mid-sized pup who wants to say “hi” to everyone! The harness works by not allowing the dog to pull forward without, in turn, swiveling themselves around. This is why the leash clips onto the chest! Even though it seems like it could get in the way, it really doesn’t! With tons of colors to choose from, you also get the added bonus of personalization! From my experience, this is a one size fits all harness that is always easy to slip on.

Ruff Wear Harness

The Ruff Wear harness is great for dogs of the smaller variety, or those with a mellow temperament! These harnesses were recommended most by my former employer. Their soft sides and small amount of constraint work well for smaller pups, and medium sized pups who have already retired their puppy energy. They wouldn’t ever break on you, (trust me, a particular large golden doodle always put it to the test!), but they’re much more difficult to maintain control.  The only downside is you could leave the walk with a red raw hand if your pup can easily overpower you. As I said before, there’s no constraint effect when the pup pulls, which is why I highly recommend them for smaller dogs.

Freedom Harness

The Freedom harness offers everything you could ask for in a harness, in one. It constraints when it needs to, the leash clips in the front and back, and offers a tremendous amount of control, without causing injury to the pup. However, it doesn’t distribute force well when a dog pulls throughout the entire walk . You could, again, leave the walk with a red ring on your hand from gripping the leash! However, if you run into this issue it’s easily resolved by clipping a collar above the harness, and attaching them both onto the loop link! It alleviated so many issues with a young puppy I was walking once the collar was introduced into our routine.

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