Is My Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

On average, most dogs need between 30 minutes and 2 hours of daily exercise. This is variable depending on the dog’s breed and ancestral history, but most sources claim 30 minutes is around the daily minimum!

Keeping your pup well exercised can lead to toned muscles, encourage their body and metabolism to function at peak performance, stimulate their brain, promote good behavior and increase socialization! 

As a dog owner, you know the importance of all these benefits. So, it’s equally as important to recognize when your pup is asking for more exercise. 

Mischievousness can be one of the easiest to recognize. Chances are, if you’re coming home from work every day to find a newly destroyed roll of paper towels, or, the most fun, tipped trash cans, your dog is definitely needing some more exercise and attention! You can also try breaking up the time you’re spending on walks. Instead of one long walk after work, throw in a quick walk around the block before leaving for the day.

Since barking is a pup’s way of communication, they’re most likely trying to tell you something if barking suddenly spikes! If you notice your pup starting to be more vocal, this could be a sign of restlessness. Try and add ~15-30 minutes to your normal routine, and see if that helps lower the volume in the evening!

I had someone tell me once that dogs view their crate as their own little room. I’m sure you’ve seen dogs that immediately go to their crate when asked, and then there’s the dog that has to be told repeatedly and/or scooped up and led to their crate instead. 

Part of your dog’s enjoyment of his/her crate is what that experience looks like. If you think about it from your own perspective, you wouldn’t mind too much sitting around in your own bed watching netflix all day. Same goes for your pup, they need things that they enjoy in their space. If you’re letting your pup out at the end of day to endless zoomies, try adding in a frozen kong, their favorite toy, a handful of treats before you leave, or one of their favorite blankets! This could help decrease pent up energy. However, if this consists even with atmospheric changes, chances are you may want to extend your walking time in conjunction. 

Dogs are people too, and just like people they try and communicate what they feel. As a dog owner, it’s up to you to translate and deliver!


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